Below lies a very emotional Poem by Mercy Chemwa who is a student Living with Narcolepsy her in Kenya. The poem only gives us at a glance what living with Narcolepsy truly is/means.
Mercy is Thankful to her mum who has been the only one who understood her and still loves her unconditionally. What can we do about our Mothers

Since twelve, everything changed in my life

I started sleeping in class, at home and in church.
I felt confused and stressed,
I slept while others were awake.
At home, in school and in church nobody understood.
That is when my mother of compassion came to me
She loved and understood me.
When I was bullied and teased by other pupils,
Canned and called a pretender by teachers.
I felt “abnormal” and “cursed’
She ran to my help and defended me.
She is a great mum, a mum of compassion.
 Every morning she gave me a hug.
That touched my heart and gave me strength to  face the day.
It felt good to know that someone understood me.
Never needed any explanation as to why I slept.
She told me that it is only God who could heal me.
All I got to have is faith.
In high school.
I was always canned for mistakes I did not commit.
Placed behind and alone at the corner or the class.
Left to stand in the cold every morning because I slept.
Never wanted me in school because I was “abnormal”
This condition caused me a lot of pain.
My mum took my hand and promised never to leave me.
Teachers gave up on me.
Told me that I could not succeed in class and the journalist I wanted to be.
Forced me to chew bubble gums so that I could not sleep.
When they saw me out of class, I made me feel useless.
My mum never gave up but continued to pay my school fees.
Narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder.
I was glad I knew the enemy in me.
That made me feel ashamed in class, meetings and church.
I never wanted to socialize with my age-group.
Because I knew they never understood.
For them I was lazy in their mind there’s no such disease
Unless if I was beaten up by tsetse flies which is not.
I only felt free around my mother, my friend.
 Seven years of suffering.
Burning food as I cooked.
Breaking cups and plates.
A condition that nobody understood.
When I missed all the lessons.
I felt abnormal.
Not given time to rest my mind.
Mum, I thank for your support you never gave up on me.
 Mum, you are the best
A gift from God, a love that I will forever hold.
An angel on earth to walk by my side.
To guide and strengthen me.
I owe it to God.
For giving me a mum of compassion.